From "The Little Flowers, Legends, and Lauds"

Edited by Otto Karrer,
Translated by N.Wydenbruck
1979, Sheed & Ward, London.

E.Morrogh Bernard,
Vicar General, Westminister
Aug.14, 1947

Monday, March 28, 2011

Of many holy Brothers, and of many miracles they worked (42)

The province of the March of Ancona, like the sky with stars, was once adorned with holy and exemplary friars, who, like the luminaries in the sky, illuminated and adorned the Order of St.FRancis and he world with their example and their doctrine.

Among the others the foremost was Brother Lucido the Elder, who was truly lucent with holiness and ardent with divine charity and his glorious tongue, informed by the Holy Spirit, brought forth marvelous fruit in preaching. Another was Brother Betivoglio da San Severino, who was seen once by Brother Masseo, who was also a native of San Severino, leviated in the air for a long while as he was at prayer in the wood; it was because of this miracle that Brother Masseo, who was at that time a parish priest, left his paris and became a Brother Minor; and he was of such sanctity that he wrought many miracles in his lifetime and after his death.

The above-mentioned Brother Bentivoglio was staying alone one time a Trave Bonanti to watch and serve a leper, when his Superior bade him depart and go to another place about fifteen miles distant. As he did not want to forsake the leper, he took him with great fervor of charity and laid hin on his shoulder, and carried him from dawn to sunrise all that way of fifteen miles to the said place where he had been sent, which was called Monte San Vicino. Even if he had been an eagle, he cold not have laid back that distance in a short a time, and carrying such a load, and there was great amazement and admiration at this divine miracle in all that countryside.

Another was Brother Peter of Monticello, who was seen by Brother Servodio of Urbino, at the time guardian of the old House at Urbino, uplifted bodily to a distance of five or six cubits from the ground to the foot of the Crucifix in the church, before which he as praying.

At the time of this holy Brother Peter, there lived a Brother Conrad of Offida, and while they were together in the House of Forano in the Custody of Ancona, the said Brother Conrad went out one day into the wood to meditate on God, and Brother Peter followed him secretly so as to see what happened to him. And Mary with much weeping to obtain from her blessed Son the grace that he might experience a little of that sweet consolation which St.Simeon felt on the day of the Purification, when he carried Jesus, our blessed Savior in his arms.

And when he had prayed thus, the merciful Virgin Mary granted his prayer and, lo, there appeared the Queen of Heaven with her blessed Sond in her arms in a blaze of light, and coming near Brother Conrad, she laid the Divine Child into his arms. Most devoutly he took the Child, embraced and kissed it and presst it against his bosom, and he was entirely dissolved tinto divine love and ineffable consolation. And Brother Peter likewise, who was watching all this from his hiding-place, felt a great sweetness and consolation in his soul; and when the Virgin Mary had departed from Brother Conrad, Brother Peter returned in haste to the House so as not to be seen by him, but later, when Brother Conrad returned full of joy and gladness, he said to him: "O you heavenly one, what a great consolation has been give you to-day." Brother Conrad said: "What is that you are saying, Brother Peter? What do you know that I have had today?" "I know well, very well," said Brother Peter, "how the Virgin Mary and her blessed Son have visited you." Then Brother Conrad, who in his great humility desired to keep the graces God granted him secret, begged him not to speak o fit to anyone. And from then on there was so great a love between them that they seemed to have but one heart and one soul in all things.

Once the said Brother Conrad, at the hermitage of Sirolo, set free by his prayers a woman who was possessed by the devil, after praying for her all through the night, and actually appearing to the woman's mother: in the morning he fled, so as not to be found and honored by the people. To the praise of Chirst Amen.

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